I Didn't know that!: Top Three Thailand Tourism of the decade

01 Sep 2017 15:09

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The Queen's Birthday (12 August) is Mother's Day, and is celebrated similarly if with a little less pomp.In Old Bangkok ( Rattanakosin ) in particular, around the Royal Palace, you will see lavish light displays on trees, buildings, and the roads. Government buildings, as well as commercial buildings, are decorated with lights. Buildings and homes are decorated with the King's flag (yellow with his insignia in the middle) and his portrait.The King's Birthday (5 December) is the country's National Day and also celebrated as Father's Day, when Thais pay respect to and show their love for His Majesty the King. Buddhists carry lighted candles, three incense sticks and flowers, usually lotus flowers and walk around the central chapel three times in clockwise direction among smoke from the candles and incense sticks. After sunset, candle-lit processions (Wian-Tian) take place at most temples across the country.On this day, Thai Buddhists visit a temple to make merit in the morning and listen to sermons (Dhamma) by monks. Wisakha Bucha Day is recognized as the most important day in Buddhism and also recognized as World Heritage Day" by UNESCO. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Lord Buddha that all happened on the same day in Buddha period.Wisakha Bucha (วิสาขบูชา) - falls on a full moon in the sixth lunar month, which is usually in May or sometimes June. The overwhelmingly dominant religion (95%) is Theravada Buddhism, although there are adherents to Confucianism, Islam, Christianity and animist faiths. Thailand's people are largely indigenous, although there are significant minorities of ethnic Chinese and assimilated Thai-Chinese throughout the country, Muslims in the south near the Malaysian border and hill tribes such as the Karen and the Hmong in the north of the country.And (in the extremely rare cases) when tourists are attacked or murdered, there is often little police follow-up. Immigration queues are often long, giving travellers bad first and last impressions. Bangkok , the capital, is notorious for its traffic jams and rampant development has wrecked much of once-beautiful Pattaya and Phuket In heavily touristed areas, some lowlifes have made scamming tourists into an art form.This is not to say that Thailand tourism doesn't have its downsides, including the considerable growing pains of an economy where an agricultural labourer is lucky to earn 300 baht per day while the nouveaux riches cruise past in their BMWs. While SMEs only account for 30% and 23.4% of the total GDP generated by trade and manufacturing sectors, respectively, they account for 40.6% of the service sector where the majority is from tourism's contribution. The tourism sector is largely associated with SMEs in the service sector, such as hotels and restaurants," Nattaporn said.It has also proven a face saver for a military regime that have seen flaccid GDP growth between 2014-2016, which would have been even more limp without tourism. Since then the sector has been the leading earner of foreign exchange and a leading contributor to gross domestic product (GDP).

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