How 7 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Thailand Tourism

01 Sep 2017 12:35

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Many factors contribute to Thailand tourism's attractiveness as a medical tourism destination, not least of which is its well-developed infrastructure, including being a regional hub, and the extreme desirability of the country for tourists for several decades now. Leo and Archa are both 5%, and Archa is the cheapest of all in the 711.Singha Brewing launched the lower priced Leo brand to compete more effectively with Chang (very popular among locals and expats) and Archa (cheapest, but the taste is not as nice, it's not sold in the bars often, but is available in almost any 7-11) being among the most popular. There are also some cheaper local beers. Chang has a reputation for having an inconsistent alcohol content, where sometimes a few Chang beers can be more potent than expected.Singha Light comes in at 3.5%, Chang Draught is 5% and Chang Light is 4.2%. There is also now a Chang Export brand at 5%. Both are strong in alcohol percentage, gives a little spicy taste (for Europeans, you can refer them to Leffe or Duvel) rather than blended smoothness of German beers (Erdinger or Paulaner). Both Singha and Chang beer are fairly strong (Chang being 6.0% now as at 2014-was 6.4% , and Singha 5%), but for those who prefer something a bit lighter, both local brands have introduced low-alcohol versions of their beers. Local brews: For many years the only locally brewed beer was Singha (pronounced just Sing) but it has lost market to cheaper and stronger Chang.At the same time, asking for a discount when trying to buy some souvenirs is generally ok, but the point is to not try and bargain hard as one might in other countries such as India. For example, in the local Chiang Mai marketplaces, vendors become deeply offended by the oblivious foreigner trying to get a discount on eggs or bananas or prepared foods by the roadside. However, it is important to note that haggling, is not at all common in many of the wet markets or those places with prepared foods.Try to figure out the item's rough value first — adjacent stalls, government-run fixed price shops and even hotel gift shops are a good starting point — and you'll find that prices drop drastically when the seller realizes you have some idea of what it costs. It's not uncommon to buy something, walk outside, and find somebody who bought the same item for half or one third what you paid (or even less). In some locations, market and road-side vendors will try to charge you as much as they think you can afford to pay.Note, for some products in some markets haggling is the norm, especially in Bangkok. They are looking for a tourist who will take their taxi without using a meter. Beware of taxis which idle around touristy areas and wait for people.When available, they are an excellent means of transport - insist on the meter. Metered taxis are ubiquitous in Bangkok and starting to become more popular in Chiang Mai , but rare elsewhere in the country.

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